#BlogWatch: Damsel in Dior

Welcome to the first installment of #BlogWatch! 

Putting myself through fashion school while working a full time job in the industry, I began to realize that celebrities and models don't decide what's in or what's hot-- Bloggers do. Bloggers have tremendous influence over their industry, be it style or interior design.

With that, I've decided to honor/spotlight/stalk some of my favorite bloggers to showcase their talent and keep myself motivated all at the same time. So without further ado, meet Damsel in Dior.

Jacey, aka the Damsel in Dior, started her blog as a creative outlet, much the same as others in the blogosphere. Fast forward a few years and lots of hard work, she's turned a creative outlet into a functioning website, company, and all around bitchin' blog. 

Her style is very polished yet eccentric and showcases her personality with each pair of fringed jeans or Celine sunglasses. Here are some of my favorite looks of hers:

So whadya think? I can't decide-- Do I love her hair or her shoes more? Leave your love in the comments below!

Images via Damsel in Dior.