Hi! We're the Toledo sisters-- Taylor, Gracie, and Jordan. We grew up just a few years apart but have different personalities, perspectives, and voices. When we aren't busy fighting over who's shirt it was originally, or whether or not I (Taylor) am in fact mom's favorite, we're sharpening our voices on wellness, beauty, fashion, and what's going on in the world.

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Jordan - The Baby

Jordan is the youngest of the Toledo hermanas, however she is the tallest and probably the sharpest. She lives in Texas and is finishing up her senior year of high school. She blogs mostly about issues in society and her favorite beauty trends.


Gracie - The Middle Child

Gracie is the middle-child which also makes her the problem child (with great makeup skills). She's in her junior year at University of Arizona, making her way toward a degree in marketing. She lends her voice to beauty blogs, affordable fashion finds, and favorite recipes.


Taylor - The Eldest

Taylor calls Northern California home where she works in branding and communications. She's contributed to websites and blogs talking about trends in social media and modern marketing. She glues the sisters together through the blog and pieces on fashion and wellness, navigating  your 20's, and helpful hints to tackle a career you love.